Sunday, September 4, 2011

Your child, your schools, our The Children’s Plan

Every parent wants their child to go to a great school, and every child deserves a great education.
We can now set such an ambitious goal and really expect to meet it: many more young people now leave primary school secure in the basics, achieve good qualifications in secondary school and stay on in education and training, compared to 12 years ago. Without these strong foundations we wouldn’t be able to take the next important step.
Every child and family is, of course, different, but parents are really consistent in what they say is important to them about a school. They repeatedly say they want their children to be happy and safe, able to learn in an orderly environment, with a firm but fair head teacher who won’t put up with bullying, who maintains clear boundaries for behaviour and who sets high expectations for every single child.
Parents are clear it is vital their children get a good grounding in the basics at primary school and a wide choice of courses and qualifications at secondary school. They want there to be something on offer to them that sparks their interest and helps develop their talents, whether their strengths are practical or academic or both, including the chance to do an Apprenticeship. They also want schools to equip their children for tomorrow, not yesterday, giving them the up-to-date skills and knowledge for success in a rapidly changing world.

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