Monday, September 5, 2011

Every child’s right to a quality education

All stakeholders of the school should play a part in fostering learning , in supporting every child’s right to a quality education. All have a responsibility toward making educational experiences high quality. Let's all make schools where:
  • There is good behaviour, strong discipline, order and safety.
  • Pupils are taught in a way that meets their needs, with their progress regularly checked and additional needs spotted early and addressed quickly, including one-to-one tuition in English or maths if they are falling behind what is expected nationally.
  • Pupils are taught a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum, including skills for learning and for life.
  • Pupils take part in sports and cultural activities, and their health and well being is supported.
  • Pupils have the chance to express their views, and they and their families are welcomed and valued by the school.

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