Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teacher of the Day

Name: Inavilli Bheemeswara Rao

School: L. Maamendhoo School, Laamu Atoll

Subject: Mathematics

Island: Laamu Maamendhoo

Who or what specifically inspired you to become a teacher?

Ans: My teacher.

Mention one thing which radically differs for you now as compared to when you first started teaching.

Ans: I am teaching and learning the new things through experience.

What advice do you give to a new or struggling teacher?

Ans: I will tell him to get experience, control the anger treat every child equally.

My best day in the classroom was when…

Ans: A dull student solved a problem before the intelligent student

The best compliment I've ever received as a teacher was...

Ans: When my student got A* in my subject (IGCSE Mathematics).

My favorite part of the school year is…

The beginning of the year because the students are very active and participate in the class work.

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