Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teacher of the Day


Subject : English

Designation : Qualified Teacher in English

School : Omadhoo School

Island : Thaa Omadhoo

Who or What specifically inspired you to become a Teacher?

To some people, they have chosen teaching because of a positive experience they may have had as a child. However some may have some sorrowful experiences directed them to become a role model or to escape others from the same kind of bad experiences they had by becoming a teacher .To some, may be the vivid images of their teachers they remember.

As far as I’m concerned, there are two factors led me to take the desire to become a teacher. First of all, my Father….in my childhood I have astonished the way he respecting teachers so from those days onwards I had a worship to the teacher job. Then, my best teacher, Mr. Sasidharan, while I was studying in my +2(12 th) I saw a good teacher in him. He was an old man but very active and creative. On the last day of our higher secondary schooling, I came near to him and I told him “sir. I want to become a teacher as u”. He became very happy and he blessed me. He was an English teacher, the way of his speaking, his deep knowledge in Linguistics, the pronunciation, everything attracted me. But while I’m studying in my high school some events had pained me a lot, especially the partiality of some of my teachers to some students. The lack of consideration ,care and love have quite often led my desire to become a good teacher .so after my higher secondary education I took English as my optional subject and continued my studies to become an English Teacher.

Mention one thing which radically differs for you now as compared to when you first started teaching?

Disciple and classroom management was a major problem that I have faced when I started teaching.

What advice do you give to a new or struggling teacher?

No doubt. A new teacher has to face many challenges in the field of education as lack of experience, unexpected problems in classroom, discipline and classroom management, lack of resources, lack of philosophical factors of schools….these all will be a challenge to match with that of their personal curriculam views of the school. An effective induction programme would definitely help to make easy the beginning period .Over all, love your child and try to become a perfect model for them as becoming a guide, and always try to keep a positive attitude as being friendly with your child to guide and facilitate the students to mould them as thoughtful and creative ..Because the teacher has the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the future by providing young children with the means to fully develop their potential. To understand your child, we also have to trace and be aware of the experiences through the child passes.

My favourite part of the School year is…….

It was on 25 th March 2010, the day that I understood the,” approach of counseling”, to children than punishing them humiliately for their misbehavior. I had one child, who was always making disturbance while teaching. He himself also doesn’t want to listen in class besides that he disturbed his friends also.. I didn’t take any action to that child soon, but I tried to study that particular child in different ways .I went his home and I understood the insecurity at his home, lack of parental care , warmth, attention and love , moreover the teasing words of other teachers… etc . One day, i approached him and spoke with him calmly. The child’s reply’s made me surprise. He was an intelligent boy who is thinking a lot. His little mind was suffering a lot. i consoled him by giving more inspirational and motivational energy. Next day when I entered the class the boy’s behavior surprised me a lot. My eyes filled with joy. He showed more interest in class and he had finished all homework. Afterwards he changed a lot and began to study well. That day I could teach that class very well, and I hope this day as the best day in my life in the classroom. He became the top scorer from that school. Hence, as far as I’m concerned the success of that child is the best compliment I’ve ever received as a teacher in my short span of this teaching career.

So undoubtedly, I can say , that year was my favourite part of the school year .

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