Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Building a Better Classroom Library

Classroom libraries provide books to those who have none. They extend and reinforce curriculum, foster independent discussions, encourage exploration into unknown genres and areas of high interest
An effective library collection contains more than "should" reads. It also holds the most fascinating, exciting, invigorating fact and fiction, rotated and revitalized regularly.

School heads can take some time to reflect on their library.

What does your library say to its visitors?
  • Do you have a library?
  • What materials are in it?
  • Do the materials match your students' independent reading levels?
  • Does your library contain high interest materials for both boys and girls?
  • Do you have supplemental materials to reinforce four major curriculum themes you teach each year? Does your library offer opportunities to explore further into areas of greater interest?
  • Is the space inviting?
  • Have you set expectations and opportunities for students to use your classroom library?

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