Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mistakes Teachers Often Make

Teachers often -

  • Fail to do effective long-range and daily planning.
  • Fall into rut a by using the same teaching strategy or combination of strategies day after day.
  • Spend too much time with one student or one group and not monitoring the entire class.
  • Begin a new activity before gaining the students' attention.
  • Talk too fast, and are sometimes shrill.
  • Use a voice level that is always either too loud or too soft.
  • Stand too long in one place (the feet of clay syndrome).
  • Sit too long while teaching (the posterior of clay syndrome).
  • Overemphasize the negative.
  • Are way too serious and not much fun.
  • Are way too much fun and not serious.
  • Are ineffective when they use facial expressions and body language.
  • Tend to talk to and interact with only half the class (usually their favorites, and usually on the right).
  • Interrupt students while they are on task.
  • Do not intervene quickly enough during inappropriate student behavior.
  • Do not learn and use student names in an effective way (kids pick up quickly on this and respond in kind).
  • Fail to do appropriate comprehension checks to see if students understand the content as it is taught.
  • Use poorly worded, ambiguous questions.
  • Introduce too many topics simultaneously (usually the result of poor planning).
  • Overuse punishment for classroom misbehavior - going to an extreme when other consequences work better.

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