Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grow Your Own Pizza garden

"Hello! My name is Tomato. Do you like Pizza?Did you know that the sauce on pizza is made from tomatoes and herbs? And now you can grow these same delicious things in your garden to make your own!My friends Bell Pepper, Oregano, and Baby Basil work with me to help you grow the best pizza ingredients. It's a fantastic garden for the whole family!"
What you need:
  • A sunny spot
  • Compost or bagged garden soil
  • A wooden stake
  • Three and a half feet of string
  • Plastic or metal edging to create a pizza outline
  • wood edging to define slices
  • Seeds of your favourite toppings 9our garden includes tomatoes, peppers, basil and oregano)
Getting started:
  • Choose a site that offersa good amount of sun
  • Decide how much of each type of plant you want to grow, and outline a circular bed that will give you enough room to plant your seeds
  • Plant your seeds. As a rule of thumb, tomatoes need at least two feet of space to grow, bell peppers need one foot, basil needs 15 inches and oregano needs 10 inches
  • When you are finished, give your plants a big drink of water
  • Provide support for your tomato plants once they sprout. Use a cage or a wooden stake to do this.
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