Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weather, or Not?

It is Hulhan'gu! (Monsoon season in Maldives) The winds are traveling fast! Yesterday, winds were blowing at 45mph! It also is nearing Ramadan. We have only 13 days till the Holy Fasting Month. 

Many Maldivians will be traveling over the sea to their home island for Roadhayah (Fasting Month). They often travel in ferry boats, fishing boats (mas dhoani), and by plane (jet and floatplane).

Each of these transports, as a preventative measure,  have to provide safety for their passengers. Life vests and/or inflatable vests as well as life rings may be on board to assist in emergencies.

KAAFU Swim-n-Survive Program trainees, Liusha - Rifga - Mary - Naaby - Azmeen
offer a word of caution in their poster to all: 

  "Even a good swimmer can drown. 
Everyone must take preventative measures."

If you are traveling over water:
  1. Identify where your life jacket is.
  2. Identify where exits are on board.
  3. Make sure there are available vests for any children accompanying you.
  4. Know how to put on any floatation device before departure.
  5. Know important emergency numbers.
  •  Police: 119
  •  Fire: 118
  • Coast Guard: 191
  • IGMH: 3316647 / 3335335
  • ADK: 3313553

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