Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teaching Excellence Awards 2012

 Teaching Excellence Award- 

 Recognizing and Rewarding the Dedicated 

The TE Award was initiated by Dr. Mustafa Lutfy, acting Minister of Education in 2010. The process allows for anyone in the Maldives to nominate outstanding teachers, heads of schools and staff members who are making exceptional contributions to the schools in Maldives. The awards are catagorised in such a way that all key players within a school community are acknowledged. 

The Ministry of Education is greatful to the various partners who continue to support the award categories and those who assist in the process of event planning, management and selection. Quality Schools Blog hopes our readers start looking for that special dedicated school member in their school. Categories and the nomination details are given below.

Award Categories:
10 different award categories recognizing different ranges of people and skills

1.    Four Seasons Resorts Award for Teacher of the Year in a Pre-school
     All certified teachers (including head teachers) working with pre-school children are eligible

2.    ADK Group Award for Leading Teacher of the Year in a Primary School

3.    Media Net Digital Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School
     All certified teachers teaching primary students (including leading teachers, in-charge of primary students/teachers)

4.    Villa College Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

5.    Alia Investments Award for Leading Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School
      All certified teachers teaching secondary students (includes higher secondary within the eligibility category)

6.    Global Links Award for New Teacher of the Year
      Certified teacher in a school who have up to three years of teaching experience

7.    Air Taxi Award for the Principal of the Year
      All heads, principals and deputy principals are included in this category

8.    Ensis Award for Life-time Achievement
      All certified educators with at least 25 years of experience (working or retired)

9.    Island Aviation Award for Support Staff of the Year (1 award)
     All working in the support staff category; it includes, counselors, health assistants, librarians, lab technicians, sports supervisors, secretarial staff etc.

10. Orchid Holdings Pvt Ltd Award for Special Educational Needs Teacher of the Year     
      All teachers teaching SEN classes/students are eligible

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