Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Purposeful Parenting

Five tips on how to be a purposeful parent

This all starts with effective communication.
  1. Take time to listen: Adolescents do not always want advice. Parents can discuss solutions rather than deliver lectures, and use reassurance, encouragement, and support. It is not helpful when parents respond to their adolescent's concerns by minimizing what the young person is feeling or saying, "you'll get over it."
  2. Be aware of where adolescents are and what they watch: When adolescents are not at home or school, it is a good idea for parents to know where they are. Also, restrict adolescents viewing inappropriate movies.
  3. Take concrete steps to help adolescents avoid illicit behaviour: Be home at key times of the day such as in the morning, after school, at dinner time, and at bed time. Parents can also : Explain why illicit behaviour is harmful.Communicate their expectations and rules relating to these kinds of behaviours.Check in with their adolescents on a regular basis. Get to know their adolescent's friends. Communicate with their adolescents to find out whether he or she is making healthy choices.
  4. Eat dinner as a family: By eating meals with their adolescents and helping them to stay active. Parents can help teens to eat nutritious diet and to exercise regularly.
  5. Pay attention to your own well-being : Include a physical activity, a healthy diet, and plenty of sleep into the daily routine.
Source: La Verne Bishop, executive director of Hale

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