Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Workshop on Decentralization of Educational Supervision & Emergency Preparedness

ESQID took the first step towards decentralization of supervision and monitoring, holding a 5 day workshop for province and school heads to transfer needed information and skills. The workshop was held at ESQID Seminar Room from 27th June to 01st of July with representatives from the 7 provinces.

The objectives of the workshop included:

1. Training province personnel for external evaluation of their schools.

2. Facilitating the transition of monitoring and evaluation of schools to the provinces using CFBS indicators.

3. Providing knowledge and information and skills for Emergency Preparedness.

4. Training and preparing province personnel to conduct emergency drills.

The ESQID staff members, through presentations, explained the roles and responsibilities supervisors would need to shoulder. The supervision process was described in detail and emphasis was made on the 3 core functions of supervisors: to control and evaluate, support and advise and act as a liaise agent.

Active - based participation included:

· Defining quality and observation

· Setting up a supervision and monitoring cycle

· Understanding the importance of criteria in the self evaluation process

· A field visit to 2 schools in Male’ to use CFBS indicators

· A jigsaw activity familiarizing participants with CFBS standards and indicators

· Group Discussion on the 3 steps of Supervision process ( Pre, On-site, Post)

· System Planning & Province Planning

· Importance of Data collection through visual evidence ( photos)

ESQID thanks these guest speakers:

· EDC team: New curriculum

· Mr. Ahmed Shafeeu, MOE Planning Section: Policies for school Emergency Preparedness

· Dr. Amaal, Permanent Secretary: New guidelines of the Civil Service effective May 2010

· MNDF team: Emergency Drills & School Terrorism

· UNDP team: Nakaiy Calendar for schools and students’ use

Special thanks to:

· WHO for their support and commitment to educational quality.

· Dr. Amaal for fielding numerous questions from province heads about the school concerns

· Mr. Amir Ali & Abdhulla Rasheed, on behalf of the School Health Section, for presenting on issues such as Vulnerability and Disaster Impact in the Education Sector.

· Principals of Hiriya School and Thaajudhin School for opening their doors for the CFBS field Activity.

· Workshop participants for their contributions and cooperation.

· ESQID staff for their commitment, collaborative effort and teamwork.

Participants gave an overall rating of the workshop at 91.7%.

Participants’ contributions to the whole of the workshop were rated as valuable at73%.

Workshop presentations overall were rated as good. These included knowledge of instructors, presentation style, material clarity, response to questions and time management.

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