Monday, July 5, 2010

Share Your Ideas!!!!

If you're a teacher who has completed an interesting or unusual activity with your class -- or if you know of a teacher who has -- please let us know about it. Share it in this blog by giving a brief description of the activity.
Many Thanks


  1. this is a nice way to interact and know what is happening in the world around we relate with science and life in different ways....
    i am now taking a break from work as its summer time here....but will soon be back....and i'll give you the best of what happens in school...

    to share just the highlight of the year: we'd accomplished with getting the whole school involved....we had something call the Newspaper Day....were we got the hands and brains to work and edit a newspaper containing the same news is interpreted or misinterpreted or rather exagerated...or turns to rumour...students found for themselves....while the primary got into acting the same theme....the high school edited the newspaper....and it all happened in a day....that was very interesting to get them involved and running....fervently ...

  2. Thank you for your contribution. Would anticipate more from you.