Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ten questions for school leaders ; Howard Green, Educational Consultant


The aim of these questions is to provide a focus for critical reflection by school leaders, and those who support them, on 10 key issues that could help to secure the link between leadership effectiveness and school improvement. They should be asked regularly by headteachers themselves, other senior staff and team leaders. Although the questions seem quite straightforward they have hidden depths, and would benefit from regular revisiting as a form of continuing self-evaluation. You can work through them sequentially or pick one or two that you find particularly relevant or interesting.

1. Are you leading as well as managing your school?
2. Is your leadership focused on school improvement?
3. Do you use evidence to help secure school improvement?
4. Does your leadership challenge others to improve?
5. Is your leadership creating a successful learning community?
6. Do you share your leadership?
7. Are you aiming to be a ‘good enough’ or a ‘perfect’ leader?
8. Are you using both sides of your brain and all three intelligences in leadership?
9. Are you a self-aware leader?
10. Are you a leader with an appetite for change?

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