Tuesday, August 4, 2009

School Health Policy and Practice


This key area addresses the importance of schools having a school health policy or policies that promote the health of students and the whole school community. The policy/ policies will help guide schools in their health promoting practices such as nutrition education and creating a safe and healthy physical and psycho-social environment. The school health policy should be developed in consultation with the whole school community.
1.1 The school has a School Health Team, co-ordinated by a named person
1.2 The school has an overall policy on health promotion/ school health
1.3 School staff knows about the health promotion/school health policy
1.4 The school has appointed a School Health Assistant or a School Health Focal Point
1.5 Parents and students know about the health promotion policy
1.6 Opportunities are provided for students’ and parents’ views to inform
school policy and practice
  • GOLD
1.7 Health issues are seen as contributing to school improvement and this understanding informs discussions on policy and practice such as being regular items on staff meetings
1.8 The Healthy School Working Group has developed to include the wider

Parents participating in the schools

For more information on Maldives Health Promoting Schools Initiative, please log on to www.edc.edu.mv

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