Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comments on CFS standards and indicators
  • Need to revise and develop regulative policies.
  • Understood areas that could be addressed to involve everyone in the school community.
  • Really got us thinking. Check on us when things get rolling.
  • Enabled the mind to be more open to the thoughts that existed. But have barriers to start the routs.
  • Opened our eyes- got lot of work to do!! For a better future.
  • It was a very informative workshop. Thank you ESQID
  • Need to conduct more sessions on this.
  • The session is interesting and think it is a good start.
  • It's a wonderful process which makes education worthy. Hats off for the ideas. The indicators are simply superb!!!
  • Idea is superb but let's find a way to achieve our goal as fast as possible.
  • A new dimension can be added for Discipline, Moral Values and Ethics.
  • Infrastructure and Physical facilities can be put as a separate dimension.
  • Gender need not be put under a separate dimension! Elements of this dimension can be distributed among Inclusive, Health and Safety and Teaching and Learning.


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  2. Great to see the document posted. What feedback do school principals have to add to the shaping of this document?

  3. Not received any feedback so far.