Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Community Partners with Volunteers

JOCV  (Japanese Overseas Volunteer) members are representatives of  Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Although these volunteers work in many parts of the world, Maldives has had their cooperation in development for over 25 years. They do volunteer work 1-2 years either in the capital, Male’, or out on islands where school heads have requested their assistance. This year, JOCV workers are serving as teachers in fields such as music, primary and pre-school education, and physical education.  

JOCV-PE teachers provided a training workshop from 18-21 March, 2012, at the Maldives National University, assisting local training teachers to better prepare to teach physical education when they are posted. 

JOCV music teachers held a workshop in Keyodhoo School 29 Feb-3 March 2012

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