Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Rule of Six by Thomas R. Hoerr

Thomas R. Hoerr says "Each individual needs a different kind of support. We should deliver critical feedback in such a way that the listener hears it, considers it and acts on it. Good leaders praise, but they also push, prod, and let teachers know when their performance isn't satisfactory."

What is the Rule of Six?
Creating a context in which teachers can use negative feedback constructively is an important - but difficult - part of the principal's job. The rule of six helps.
  • This rule recognizes that all communication takes place within the context of a relationship. According to Thomas, if you want to build a supportive relationship, you need to give the other person in the relationship at least six positive comments for every negative one.
Your "deposits" - positive comments or interactions - must remain greater than your withdrawals

We must work harder at focusing on whatever others do that is effective and worthy of praise. Leaders should do this because people deserve to have their achievements noted and also because it creates conditions that enable us to deliver difficult messages when necessary.

People will listen to negative feedback from good leaders even if it is painful to do so, if the relationship is strong and they trust the leader.

Source: apr09/vol66

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