Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School Health Services

An important component of health promoting schools is health services. Facilities to provide first aid, health screening, counselling and access to basic health services are vital for the health and well being of students:
  • The school will ensure all students have a health screening on school entry and every 2 years following the initial check up. This can be done by the school health assistants, trained teachers and/or in partnership with local health service providers and NGOs.
  • A refferal mechanism to the health service will be established to provide appropriate care for students and staff with serious illness, emotional health problems and those requiring emergency medical care following injury.
  • The school will have at least one staff trained in first aid available during school sessions and a health room with facilities providing first aid. Clear procedures in providing care, refferal and recording of behavioural and medical information will be in place to support students' health condition, with a respect for confidentiality ensured.
  • The school will actively carry out preventive health care activities such as nutrient supplementation, immunisation and counselling, and provide psycho-social support to those with special requirements in partnership with local social services.
  • The schools will have a mechanism in collaboration with the health sector and NGOs to access Information, Education and Communication (IEC), other resource materials and expert assistance in carrying out health programmes.
Source from: Health Promoting Schools Policy/ Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health

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