Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decentralization Workshop II

A Decentralization Workshop for heads of provinces and schools was held on 06th - 07th July 2011 at Education Development Centre seminar room.
A variety of sessions covering important aspects of supervision was shared to support the decentralization process of education.

ESQID’S objective was to:
1) build capacity of province personnel as regional evaluators ,
2) facilitate the transition of the monitoring and evaluation process, and
3) familiarize school personnel with ongoing policies of Ministry of Education,

With this in mind:
1) ESQID must support the process of record keeping at all levels.
2) ESQID must harmonize with other MoE sections concerning the process of delivering policy information more successfully to schools.
3) ESQID must encourage the coordination process, at each level, in terms of awareness of roles and responsibilities.
4) ESQID must advocate for the value and importance of CFBS documents.
5) ESQID must guide and support all schools during the transition period.
6) ESQID must ensure that an effective follow-up system is implemented.

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