Sunday, March 20, 2011

SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING by: Dr. Aamaal Ali, Permanent Secretary

Development Planning is simply a description to plan to manage change with the intention of improving the school.
To move from where the school is to where the school is expected to.
Development Planning is a response for a systematic and whole-school approach to planning, especially where schools are expected to be more self-managing.
The plan has to be more than a statement of intentions

It has to have:
 identified appropriate priorities,
 with action plans, targets, tasks,
 time bound,
 defined responsibilities,
 outlined resources and financial needs,
 success criteria,
 and established staff development.

To make the plan work:
 Sustain commitment during implementation
 Check progress
 Over come problems encountered
 Check success of implementation
 Report on progress
 Recommence the planning process.

 New heads – audit, then Plan
 Experienced heads – consult, delegate and empower
 Use a cycle Do – Review – Learn - Apply
 Leave documentation for the next head
 Remember this is about Planning for SELF MANAGING SCHOOLS
 Research recommends Heads to stay in any one school for 4 – 8 years

Be a Learner – from cradle to the grave

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