Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let’s spend the school holidays wisely - Sausan Hussain, ESQID

Students are counting the two months of their school holidays before they return to the schools on 9th January 2011. Different students do different things during the school holidays. It will be a good idea for the students to plan the holidays, so that these days can be used more effectively. Here are few suggestions on spending holidays well.

By the end of a long academic year, many students are tired and exhausted. Holiday is the time to take a break and to do something which would make the students relax. Parents have to think about this and they need to plan activities for the students so that the students will be involved in things they enjoy doing. Arranging a picnic to a nearby island can be a good choice for the students and parents. This would help the students to refresh their minds to have a fun time with their family members.

Students can also use the holiday to learn something new. They can help their mothers at the kitchen and learn to prepare a dish. In order to facilitate this, parents can provide the things that are required for making the dishes and can instruct the children without practically involving in making the dishes. Apart from this, learning to use computers and trying techniques to improve language skills are some of the things that can be done during the holidays.

Besides the activities which are enjoying, those students who are going to sit in the O level or A level exam in the year 2011 should spend some of their time of school holidays to get ready for the exams. For those students this can be a golden opportunity to revise all the topics covered in the past years and try some past paper questions from those topics.

Apart from revising the previous lessons, all the students can spend some time studying the topics that will be covered next year. According to many top achieving students, it is very helpful if they always try to understand a topic themselves before it is taught in the classes. So students can study the topics far ahead and it would be like a revision for the students.

Some students might have a very busy schedule during the holidays doing things that they enjoy. Together with these things students should never forget about the religious obligations. Sometime from each day must be spent on reciting Quran and performing the prayers. Spending some time with younger brothers and sisters and grandparents can also be wonderful things to do in the school holidays.

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