Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning Environment

The school should provide a friendly, stimulating, and safe environment that promotes social, physical, and intellectual learning needs of all students.

To achieve this:

Principal, staff and teachers can smile and demonstrate that they enjoy being with children.

Classroom should provide shelter from sun, rain and wind and outdoor space should be free of litter and hazards for play and sports.

School compound can kept clean, safe, environment friendly and attractive in natural and physical layout.

Classrooms and other learning areas (library, computer room, and school laboratories) should be well ventilated.

There should be adequate lighting for reading and writing.

Shelves in classrooms and learning areas have to be organized and labeled for students to access and put things back safely and independently

Wall displays of students’ work have to be evident in each classroom. The posted displays must be attractive, updated, relevant, educationally stimulating, and kept at eyelevel of the students.

Classroom furniture should be comfortable for the age and size of the child.

School staff must provide support and care for all students and understand the significance of high quality interactions and communication.

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