Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All Change Starts with One Person by : The Weklar Consulting Group YouDon’t Have to be Great to Get Started but You Have to Get Started to Be Great

We all see problems

• At work, in organizations, through society

Though we all know there is a better way the issue is we don’t know how to change it!
No matter the size of the problem, each one of us can become a change-agent.
The Process for “Making Change” is simple—though not easy.

• Identifying the issue
• Pinpointing the actual problem (research)
• Determining what can be done
• Establishing the team
• Creating the action plan
• Monitoring accountability
• Making an impact

Overcoming the preconceived notion of “it can’t be done” is the largest issue to overcome: both for yourself and others. Therefore …..
• Learn to bypass NOs!

Vision and Perseverance are Key

Focus: What are you really trying to accomplish
Competence: You need to have/get the skills to get it done
Passion:Provides the extra drive to make it real

What You Can Do Today

Find your passion: What problem would you like resolved
Find an organization that deals with that issue: Volunteer and learn all you can
Cultivate that “CAN DO” attitude

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