Monday, May 31, 2010

Calm is Strength, Upset is Weakness By: Dr. Fred Jones's

Can your students tell whether you are calm, upset, tired, or impatient? They read you like a book! They know even without you speaking, because they read your body language.

Do your students know how to push your buttons? Do they like to be in control? Do they want their own way?

How can kids tell when they are in control? Consider the following questions:
When you are calm, who is controlling your mind and body?
When you are upset, who is controlling your mind and body?

When you are calm, you can think. You can use all your intelligence and experience and all your social skills to deal with a situation. When you are upset, you react. Instead of thinking, you have a fight-flight reflex.

Have you ever said something in the heat of the moment that you wish you could take back? Thinking comes later. When you are calm -- when you have time to think -- you can manage a situation.

Classroom management requires calm. You never will be able to manage another person's behavior until you can manage your own.

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  1. Good way to talk about classroom mamangement. But there is one way to relieve the stress out: it takes a lot of patience more than anyhting else....well its so easily said..but pratically very difficult like closs to impossible..but when we ask our students to try...shouldnt we be role models.....???

    its nothing but to leave what's in your life with life...and walk into the classroom only as a teacher...forget being a mum at home or a wife ......see u will give more than works but with a lot of perseverance and patience.....try...

    but your ideas were all worth reading....and its true never let out what your mind speaks to your students....