Sunday, April 25, 2010

What will you do to become a better employee..colleague..educator..supervisor..mentor ? Linda Starr Education World

  • Treat others with value and respect.
  • Be positive in all situations. Look for the good in other staff members; and to find ways to encourage them to grow and learn.
  • Be more proactive in sharing exciting new ideas and research with other teachers, at own school and beyond.
  • Work collaboratively within and outside the department, sharing ideas and strategies with younger teachers, but also listening to their ideas and strategies to get a fresh approach.
  • Continue learning to understand education and our teaching staff better. That learning will aid you in designing more professional development for your teachers and staff; professional development that will reach the bottom line, which is this: teaching students to become lifelong learners.
  • Work harder to share ways to incorporate technology into teaching and learning.Have fun to make exciting changes to your teaching.
  • Try to get and stay organized. Stay on top of paperwork, grading, record keeping, and so on.
  • Plan to make sure you say and/or do something positive to a coworker every day. You never know when someone might just need a good word -- and it will make you feel better too.
  • Become a better listener.The right to speak comes with the inherent assumption that everyone also has the right to be heard.
  • Deal better with stress and information overload.
  • Develop and use a task list, to be more on top of deadlines.
‘Just’ strive to be a better person and let that spill over into your professional life.

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