Sunday, March 7, 2010

Are we managing time wisely?

Extended working hours in the new Single Session School program have been put into practice.
Some people hold the view that this is making no difference in our schools.

Share your view point as to the effect of extended working hours on:
  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Personal development of students
  • Best use of school facilities
  • Best use of teacher and staff personnel
  • Life skill development


  1. When my school turned into a single sesson school, i thought that I would be able to go home once and for all and not come back. But now I work the hours I usually work and then go home and i have to come back to school again for some activity or other. When the school was double session, I didn't have to be involved in any extra work..but now I have to, and i don't even get extra pay for this as the school management says that it is within my 8 this proper time management? I thought that this governement came to help us teachers...where is our right to a family?

  2. In that case your school head needs to manage time effectively. Actually by working in a single session school, life will be much easier for you.Teachers don't have to come back in the evenings for co-curricular activities, if your managers have utilized the time wisely.It's an issue of timetabling.Everything can be done during the school hours, i.e. lessons and co-curricular activities. then you will definitely have more time with family. furthermore, single session schools will create more space and time for holistic learning and family interaction. You should be proud for being a teacher in a single session school.

  3. So whats the role of Ministry of education and ESQID in making my principal mange time more effectively and not ask us teachers and students to come again for extra activities? Pls. tell me what I need to do!

  4. Explain your school head that good teaching and learning depend on sensible time allocations.

  5. Is "Explaining the school head about good teaching and learning" a responsibility of teachers or the Ministry of Education. I dont think all the co-curricular activities which schools conduct can be conduted within the 8 hours session.

  6. Is it the teachers role to explain to the heads of school what they are supposed to do? I am sure we all know what happens when we try to correct mistakes. I guess it's a responsiblity of ESQID to advise heads of school on such matters not the teachers.

  7. co-curricular activities should be designed around the curiosity and interest of the students of a particular school. after all, it is what they are participants in - not heads or teachers or parents.

    co-curricular activities are not just items to fill in the school's time table or keep people on-premise for a set amount of hours.

    co-curricular activities are for building students' skills and knowledge and abilities in domains which cannot be formally incorporated into the curriculum.

    perhaps esqid can tell us how to choose appropriate co-curricular activities, how to best find leaders for them, how to involve parents and community in the process, etc.

  8. Is there any advantages to double session school?

  9. I don't see any other advantage except the fact that it's running 2 schools under one premise.