Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to motivate teachers

Teachers need to be inspired and keep their morale high in order to provide the best instruction.

Most of the time, it's the teachers who motivate students to do their best in the classroom, but there are times when teachers also need to be motivated.

Tips to motivate teachers

Smile frequently and genuinely.

Ask how they are doing, and listen to the answers you get.

Hold meetings only when absolutely necessary.

Create an atmosphere of trust through small gestures, and never make it seem like you're trying to catch your staff doing something wrong.

Compliment your teachers in writing after a classroom walk-through and in public as often as possible.

ALWAYS have your teacher's back when a parent makes a complaint. Reprimand the teacher privately if needed, but create a united front to outsiders.

Create opportunities for them to attend voluntary training in areas they find interesting.

Acknowledge that they are doing a good job, and suggest on how they can do even better.


  1. I wonder if the tip above concerning "a united front to outsiders" is valid in view of the approach CFS holds...that all are together in this educational thrust.

  2. When we are communicating in print or verbally we need to consider all our readers and listeners. I think this comment wanted to show the need for heads to support their teaching staff. Teachers are more motivated when they know someone supports them.But yes, the word "outsiders" can imply two parties.It can be interpreted negatively but that's not our intent. Thank you for the reminder that CFS is a cooperative, all-inclusive method!